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Full text of "Minutes of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference … 1860"


Southern Convention of Congregational Christian Ch 



OP THE U " & IS 

North Carolina and Virginia 



Pleasant Hill, Chatham County, N. C. 

OCTOBER 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th, 1860, 



Post Road 


W. B. WELLONS, General Agent. 




troiiRinf-Faririw mmm. «§3©m 


Worth Carolina and Virginia 



Pleasant Hill, Ch.ath.am County, "N. C. 

OCTOBER 10th, 11th, 13th and 13th, 1860, 




W. B. WELLONS, General Agent. 


Hank's Chapel, 

O'Kelley's Chapel, 
Christian Chapel, 
Pl't Grove, Randolph 
Pope's Chapel, 
Mt. Bethel, 
Pleasant Spring, 
Shallow Well, 
Salem Chapel, 


Pleasant Grove, Va. 
Pleasant Ridge, 

Pl't Grove, Chatham. 
Shiloh, N. C. 


Oak Level, 
Shady Grove, 

Christian Union, 

Good Mope, 
Wake Chapel, 
Brown's Chapel, 
Union, Va. 
Shallow Ford, 
Pleasant Hill, 

Acorn Ridge, 
Liberty Hill, 
Park's M Roads, 
Union Stand, 
Brown's Chapel, Guil, 
Gant's Chapel, 
Pine Ridge, 
Hine's Chapel, 
New Providence, 

Union, Alamance, 

Apple's Chapel, 
Mt. Zion, 
Mt. Auburn, 
Reese's Chapel, 
Liberty , 
Moore Union, 
Utley's School House 


T. J. Fowler, J. R. Holt, 

T. J. Fowler, 

J. W. Wellons, 

D. T. Deanes, A. S. Nelson, 

P. W. Allen, 

B. N. Hopkins, 

J. W. Wellons, 

Wm. Rollins, J. N. Farrell. 

B. N. Hopkins 

Wm. N. Bragg, 
J. N. Maiming, 
J. R Holt, 
J. N. Farrell, 
J. N. Manning, 
D. T. Deanes, 
P. W. Allen, 
IT. B. Hayes, 
J. W. Wellons, 
D. T. Deanes, 

J. W. Wellons, 
P. W. Allen, 
D. T. Deanes, 
G. G. Walker, 

D. T. Deanes, A. S. Nelson. 

R. G. Tinnin, 

P. W. Allen, 

J. W. Wellons, 

W. Jordan, D. T. Deanes, 

J. N. Manning, 

T. J. Fowler, 

A. IseTy, 

D. T. Deanes, A. S. Nelson, 
P. W. Allen, 
D. T. Deanes, 

B. N. Hopkins, 
3. N. Hopkins, 
B. N. Hopkins, 
B. N. Hopkins, 
B. N. Hopkins, 

A. Isely, R. G. Tinnin, 

A. Isley, R. G. Tinnin, 

A. G. Anderson, 
S. Apple, 

A. G.Anderson, G.G.Walker, 

A. G. Anderson, 

J. N. Manning, 

A. Apple, 

A. G. Anderson, 


Wm. Gunter, S. M. Holt, R. 

J. Hatch, N. J. Neal, 
C. S. Holliman, J. B. Stone, 
N. Womble, Wm. Holt, 
J. Brady, Jas. Brady, 
T. A. Martin, M. C- Winston 
Dr. J. Strader, H. G. Purcell 

A. S. Utley, 

J. A. Gunter, C. C. Wicker, 

J. Fulton. H. Marshall, Ab- 
ram Fulton, 

J. 0. Mullins, M. Williams, 

0. E. Allen, 

N. Boon, S. Boon, 

Wm. H. Guthrie, 

By Letter, 

W. R. Brown, 

J. 0. Cogwell, J.W. Cogwell 

John T. Ball, 

T. H. Lawrance, 

Dr. S. J. Moffitt, H. A. Al- 

S. M. Burns, J. R. Gunter, 

W. K. Martin, H. Freeman, 

E. Moor, A. Martin, 

J. W. Pritchard, M. McCol- 

W. W. Lawrence, S. Rich- 

L. L. Lambeth, 

David Bragg, 

J. Q. Fish, Benj. Gardner, 

W. A. Nail, Jas. Craven, 

R. Tuck, R. D. Jones, 

John Cummings, 

J. Fogleman, J. M. Sheri- 
dan, S. Edwards, 

By Letter, 

By Letter, 

Jas. Stout, Eli Cox, 

Not Represented, 

Not Represented, 

Not Represented, 

Not Represented, 

Not Represented, 

B. Gragson, Jos. A. Long, 
Wm. S. Long, Dr. B. A. 
Sellars, . 

A. King, John Faucett, B. 
Hazel, E. F. Watson, 

C. A. Apple, • 
Not Represented, 
John Lynch, 

J. G. Garrison, 
Wm. H. Read. J. D. Cole, 
Not Represented, 
Jehu Bird, 

6 2 







h a 




























































































































Below we give, as accurately as we can, the amounts contributed 
by the several churches for the Conference Fund. We are sorry that 
some of our most wealthy churches did so little for a fund so neces- 
sary to the success of our cause : 


Damascus.. $3.95 

Bethel 1.20 

Mt. Bethel 2.20 

Mt. Auburn 11.25 

Pleasant Hill, Chatham.... 2.00 

Christian Chapel 2.50 

Raleigh 2.25 

Zion . 4.25 

Shallow Well 1.00 

Oak Level 2.00 

Bethlehem 1.00 

Pope's Chapel .65 

Pleasant Grove, Randolph. 1.00 

Pleasant Grove, Va. 5.00 

Hank's Chapel., 19.00 

Good Hope.. 4.50 

Shallow Ford 1.60 

Pleasant Grove, N. C 2.00 

Union, Ta "7. 15 

Pleasant Spring 2.00 

O'Keiley's Chapel 11.38 

New Providence 2.00 

Union, Alamance 2.00 

Concord.. 1.00 

Apple's Chapel 4.06 

Mt. Zion 1.50 

Antioch 1.80 

Wake Chapel 4.75 

Shiloh 50 

Acorn Ridge, , 25 

Brown's Chapel 50 

Concord....... 75 

The above is all that the Secretary is able to make out from the im- 
perfect record furnished. The Conference Treasurer gave his receipt 
for $112.05. S. A. 

_ About $400.00 was subscribed for the benefit of the Home Mis- 
sionary Society connected with the Conference. 



Pleasant Hill, N. C, Oct. 10th, I860. 

The "North Carolina and Virginia Christian Con- 
ference" met, according to appointment, and was called to 
order by Dr. E. F. Watson, President of last session. 

Singing and prayer by Elder B. N. Hopkins. 

On motion of Josiah McCulloch, a committee of five was 
appointed to recommend suitable officers for the permanent 
organization of Conference. 

Committee appointed by the Chair : Elders J. McCulloch, 
A. Iseley, B. N. Hopkins, Jas. W. Wellons and T. J. 

Committee reported that they recommend Dr. E. F. Wat- 
son for President, W m. K. Martin, Yice-President, Solomon 
Apple, Secretary, and Wm. S. Long, Assistant Secretary. 

The vote being taken separately, the brethren recom- 
mended by said committee were unanimously elected per- 
manent officers of Conference. 

On motion, Elders Wm. B. Wellons and E. W. Beale, 
messengers from the Eastern Virginia Conference, were in- 
vited to take seats in Conference. 

On motion, the names of ministers and delegates were 

Elders present—^. Gr. Walker, J. W. Wellons, B N. 
Hopkins, Wm. M. Craven, A. Gr. Anderson, D. T. Deanes, 
Thos. G-. Craven, Jos. Albright, A. S. Nelson, W. N. 
Bragg, J. McCulloch, T. J. Fowler, H. B. Hayes, W. H. 
Doherty, J. N. Manning, Solomon Apple, Robt. Gr. Tinnin, 
Alfred Iseley, P. W. Allen. 


Elders ah sent —-Alfred Apple, Thos. Truitt, L. Lambeth, 
Anderson Craven, Wm. S. Jordan, JolmR. Holt, James I. 
Hobby, Chastien Allen, A. Franks, Wm. Rollins, T. E. 
Jeter, Job S. Swift, Jos. B. Hinton. 

Licentiates present — L. G. Madison, J. N. Fan-ell, A. T. 

Licentiate absent — Abner Apple. 

On motion, the name of L. C. Ragland was dropped from 
the minutes of Conference. 

On motion of B. N. Hopkins, the names of the Churches 
were called, and names of delegates present enrolled. 

Names of Delegates— J. W. Pritchard, Matthew McCol- 
3um, C. E. Allen, W. S. Boon, Nasa Boon, John Q. Fish, 
Benjamin Gardner, W. H. Guthrie, W. H. Reid, John D. 
Cole, Isaac Fogleman, James M. Sheridan, Sampson Ed- 
wards, W. P. Holt, Nath. Womble, M. M. Williams, Jas. 
0. Mullins, J. R. Gunter, Spencer M. Burns, John A. Gun- 
ter, C. C. Wicker, W . K. Martin, H. L. Freeman, C. A. 
Apple, L. L. Lambeth, J Gilliam, Stephen Richardson, 
W W. Lawrence, T. A. Martin, M. C. Winston, John 
Brady, James Brady, Eli Cox, James Stout, William Gun- 
ter, R. J. Hatch, N. J. Neal, S. M. Holt, Dr. S. J. Mof- 
fit, H. A. Albright, David Bragg, Angus Martin, Ezekiel 
Moore, Wm. A. Nail, Joseph Craven. John Cummins, T. 
H. Lawrence, James 0. Cogwell, Jos. W. Cogwell, Rich- 
and Tuck, R. D. Jones, W. R. Brown, Alexander S. Utly, 
J. B. Stone, S. Holliman, B. Gragson, Jos. A. Long, W. 
S. Long, Dr. B. A. Sellars, Alvis King, John Faucett, B. 
Hazell, J. G. Garrison, J. Bird, H. Marshall, Joel Fulton, 
Abraham Fulton, John T. Ball, John Lynch, Dr. J. Stra- 
der, H. G. Purcell, E. F. Watson. 

On motion of R. D. Jones, the reading of the minutes of 
of last Conference was dispensed with. 

On motion of B. N. Hopkins, the letters from the various 
Churches were called for. 

On motion, the opening address of Elder J. N. Manning 
was deferred until to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock. 


On motion, the letters handed in were read bj the Sec- 

On motion, a committee of three was appointed to exam- 
ine and report upon the letters read before Conference. T. 
Gr. Craven, 13. N. Hopkins, J. W. Wellons, said committee. 

On motion, Conference adjourned until to-morrow morn- 
ing, 9 o'clock. Prayer by A. Gr. Anderson. 

October 11th, 9 o'clock. 

Conference met, according to adjournment. Praver by 
Prof. Wm.'H. Doherty. 

The minutes of yesterday were read and approved. 

On motion, Conference resolved to adjourn to the stand, 
to hear the address of Elder Manning. 

On motion, the delivery of the address was deferred until 
'the reading of some letters was gone through with. 

The President reported the following committees : 

On Ordination — Prof. Wm. H. Doherty, A. Isely, B. 

N. Hopkins, T. J. Fowler, A. Gr. Anderson. 

On the standing and character of Ministers — Wm. K. 

Martin, H. Marshall, Dr. B. A. Sellars, Dr. S. J. Moffitt, 

Jos. Stone. 

On Itinerancy — B. D. Jones, M. C. Winston, L. L. Lam- 
beth, J. Strader, John Faucett. 

On Education — Prof. Wm. H. Doherty, A. Gr. Ander- 
son, B. N. Hopkins. 

On Temperance — J. N. Manning, D. T. Deanes, S. M. 

On Sabbath Schools— Jas. W. Wellons, Gr. G. Walker, 
Dr. S. J. Moffitt. 

On Unfinished Business — Thos. Craven, Jos. McCulloch, 
Joseph Albright. 


On Finances — John Faucett, R. J. Hatch, John Lynch. 
On Periodicals — J. N. Manning, H. B. Hayes, Wm .N. 

On Memoirs — Solomon Apple, Jas. W. Wellons, H. B. 


On Home Missions— IS. N. Hopkins, GL G. Walker, J. 
N. Manning, R. Gr. Tinnin, Jos. Gilliam. 

To examine Candidates for License — A. Isely, Jos. 
McCulloch, T. J. Fowler. 

At the hour of 11 o'clock, Conference repaired to the 
stand, where Elder John N. Manning delivered an excel- 
lent and eloquent address in the presence of a large con- 

Adjourned until 2 o'clock. 

2 o'clock, P. M. 

On motion, C. A. Apple was invited to take a seat in 
Conference as a member from Lebanon Church. 

On motion, the President was authorized to invite all 
ministers of other denominations to sit in Conference with 
us as honorary members. 

Resolved, That the letter handed into Conference by Bro. 
Mark M. Williams be returned to its owner, because it is 
not presented in conformity with the rules of Conference. 

On motion, J. N. Manning was requested to furnish a 
copy of his address, to be published with the minutes of 
Conference. ' 

On motion of B. N. Hopkins, a committee of three was 
appointed, to which the letter received from the Raleigh 
Church was referred. 

The Chair appointed B. N. Hopkins, A. Iseley and A. G. 
Anderson said committee. 

On motion, Conference adjourned until 7 o'clock, P. M. 


7 o'clock, P. M. 
Conference met, according to adjournment. 
The committee on the letter received from the Raleigh 
Church made the following 


That we have taken said letter into consideration, and from tho 
proof adduced in the investigation, cannot see that there is any thing 
criminal or inconsistent in the conduct of Elder Wm. N. Bragg. 

B. N. Hopkins, Chairman. 
On motion of J. W. Wellons — 

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to as- 
certain the amount of money sent up from each Church for 
minulos, to whom they are to be directed, and also the num- 
ber of minutes to be published. 

Whereupon H. B. Hayes, J. W. Wellons and J. N. Man- 
ning, were appointed said committee. 
On motion of J. N. Manning — 

Resolved, That all our ministers be requested to take up 
a collection to increase the Conference fund the ensuing 

On motion, Conference adjourned until to-morrow morn- 
ing, 9 o'clock. Prayer by T. J. Fowler. 

October 12th, 9 o'clock, A. M. 

Conference met, according to adjournment. Prayer by 
Elder Wm. N. Bragg. 

R. D. Jones offered the following resolution: 
Resolved, That the next annual session of the North Car- 
olina and Virginia Christian Conference be held with the 
Church at Hank's Chapel, Chatham Co., N. C, commenc- 
ing on Wednesday evening before the secDnd Sabbath in 
October. 1851. 


On motion of Elder W m. N. Bragg, the above resolution 
was made the special order for 8 o'clock, P. M. 

Resolved, That the Chair now appoint three delegates to 
represent us in the Eastern Virginia Christian Conference. 

Elders S. Apple, J. N. Manning and P. W. Allen were 


On motion, Elder J. W. Wellons was added to the 

Resolved, That Prof. Wm. H Doherty deliver an addres 
at the commencement of our next annual session. 

On motion of Josiah McCulloch, P. W. Allen was ap- 
pointed alternate. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to S o'clock, P. M. 

3 o'clock, P. M. 
Conference met, according to adjournment. 
The Committee on Ordination made the following 


That they have examined Bro. John N. Farrell in Scripture 
doctrine and fitness for the office of the Christian ministry, and 
recommend that he be ordained. 

W. H. Doherty, Chairman. 

On motion, W. H. Doherty, B. N. Hopkins and T. J. 
Fowler, were appointed a committee to set apart Bro. Far- 
rell, by the imposition of hands, to the office of Elder in the 
Christian Church. 

The Committee on Education made the following 

The Committee on Education report : That they consider it alto- 
gether unnecessary, in this age of the world, and in this enlightened 
country, to occupy time and space in enlarging on the utility and im- 
portance of Education. ■ 


This makes the difference between the civilized man and the savage, 
and to it we owe the blessings of liberty and knowledge, with all 
those sciences and arts that adorn and dignify life. The Christian 
denomination, South, has founded and established a College at Gra- 
ham, where education without sectarianism may be obtained by our 

It is presided over and conducted by Prof. W. H. Doherty, who i3 
well qualified for his responsible situation ; every accommodation for 
the most convenient and satisfactory boarding, both for voung ladies 
and gentlemen is now prepared, and it only remains for our people to 
sustain their College by their subscriptions, to secure an endowment 
fund, and to patronize the College by sending their sons and daugh- 
ters to the same. 

W. H. Doherty, Chairman. 

After the above report was received, the Conference was 
entertained with speeches from Prof. Wm. H. Doherty and 
Elder John N. Manning in favor of education, and the ne- 
cessity of active co-operation upon this subject. 

The Committee on Periodicals made the following report, 
which was received and adopted : 


We, your Committee on Periodicals, beg leave to report : 
We conceive that a good religious periodical is the surest and most 
efficient means for conveying the truths of heaven and a knowledge 
of the Gospel of our Saviour to the world that can be used, as it can 
speak where the minister cannot have access, and when his voice 
would be hushed in silence. It preaches at the fire-side, and with a 
noiseless step it reaches the public bar ; and in every place, heedless 
of the taunts and scoffs of the multitude, it teaches lessons of mercy 
and love. 

We believe that our Church organ, the Christian Sun, so ably edited 
by our beloved brother, Rev. W. B. Wellons, fully meet the wants of 
our denomination and the public, and we recommend it to to the uni- 
versal patronage of our Churches and its friends. 

Submitted, J. N. Manning, 

H. B. Hayes, 
W. N. Bragg. 

On motion of Elder A. Gr. Anderson, the sum of twenty 
dollars was appropriated to the benefit of the widow of Elder 
S. Gr. Evans, and a like sum to the widow of Elder D. W. 
Kerr, to be paid out of the Conference fund. 

On motion, Conference adjourned^until ? o'cleck, P. M 



1 o'clock, P. M. 
Conference met, according to adjournment. 
The Committee on Temperance made the following 


In view of the evils arising from intemperance, we conceive that 
we cannot denounce in too severe terms the use as a beverage of all 
intoxicating liquors. 

We are persuaded that no curse has ever visited our earth of greater 
magnitude ; that it is paramount, in its numerous train of woes, to 
devastation and wars, pestilence and famine. It has carried wretch- 
edness to many pleasant homes, and feuds and quarrels into many 
family circles. It has reduced the opulent to poverty, the happy to a 
state of misery, degradation and want, and made the peaceable quiet 
riotous and disloyal. ' It has been the cause of private disturbances 
and public abuses. It has poisoned the cup of bliss at the fire-side, 
and disgraced the assembly in the ' legislative hall. Therefore, we 
recommend that Conference discountenance the use of all spirituous 
liquors as a beverage among all our Churches. 

John N. Manning, Chairman. 

Received and adopted. 

The resolution in favor of holding the next session of 
Conference with the Church at Hank's Chapel, on Wednes- 
day before the second Sunday in October, 1881, was unan- 
imously adopted. 

The Committee on Unfinished Business made the follow- 
ing report : 

That we find no unfinished business belonging to the Conference. 
All of which is respectfully submitted, 

Tnos. G. Craven, Chairman. 

The Conference Committee for the past year made the 
following report, which was received and adopted. 


That thero has nothing occurred during the past Conference year 
which required our attention, except the unfortunate Raleigh difficul 
ty, between Bros. Bragg, Hays and Hinton ; which difficulty, owing 
to circumstances, we were unable to settle ; all of which has been 
brought before .your body, and stands open for your action. 

Respectfully submitted, T. J. Fowlkr, Chairman. 


The Committee on Home Missions made the following 
report, which was received and adopted : 

Your committee regard the subject of Missions one of vast import- 
ance ; one which claims the attention and support of every friend and 
well-wisher of our church. This will be apparent to all when we take 
into consideration the fact that almost daily calls are made for our 
ministers, in almost every direction. In the North and South, the 
East and West, the cry is heard, "Come and help us." The past 
histoiy of our church shows that wherever our ministers have gone in 
the fear of God, and in fidelity to our cause, churches have sprung up 
to the glory of God and the good of man. Your committee would 
therefore recommend the subject of Missions to the ministers and 
members of our churches connected with our Conference, hoping our 
ministers will present the subject in the most favorable manner to 
their people, and endeavor to raise a large fund for Missions by the 
next meeting of Conference. If we can secure a sufficient Missionary 
Fund to continue missionaries constantly in the field, our cause must 
and will prosper. All of which is respectfully submitted, 

B. N. Hopkins, Chairman. 

On motion of J. N. Manning, the Chair appointed a com- 
mittee of three to recommend a suitable course of study for 
young men preparing for the ministry. The Chair appointed 
Elders B. N. Hopkins, A. Q. Anderson, and J. N Man- 

The committee appointed to correspond with the Free- 
Will Baptists, made their report, which was received and 


We, your committee appointed at your last session to correspond 
with the original Free-Will Baptist Conference, beg leave to report — 

Since your last session one of the committee has corresponded and 
held an interview with some of their ministers and members in refer- 
ence to the anticipated union between them and the North Carolina 
and Virginia Christian Conference. 

W e have not been able to accomplish much yet, and whether we can 
ever effect it or not, we are unable to say. But from all the circum- 
stances in connection with it, we think it best to continue the com- 
mittee at least another year. The Free-Will Baptist Conference also 
desire it. 

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to correspond with 
the original Free-Will Baptist Conference, and report to the next 
session. J. W. Wellons, Chairman. 


Conference then adjourned to to-morrow morning at 11 

o'clock. Prayer by Elder A. Iseley. 

October 13, 11 o'clock, A. M. 

Conference met, pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by 
Prof. W. H. Doner ty. 

A resolution was offered by B. N. Hopkins : 

Resolved, That the churches be recommended to consult 
and instruct their delegates with regard to dividing the Con- 
ference into districts at its next annual session. 

Which, after some debate, was adopted. 

The following resolution was offered by J. N. Manning, 
which was unanimously received and adopted : 

Resolved, That we, as a Conference, fully endorse a book 
entitled, " The Christians South not Unitarians in Senti- 
ment," by Kev. W. B. Wellons ; a reply to J. Paris' pub- 
lication against the Christians ; and that we believe said re- 
ply to be a fair refutation of the foul assertions contained 
in Paris' book. 

Conference then adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

2 o'clock, P. M. 

Conference met, pursuant to adjournment. 

The Committee on Finance made the following report, 
which was received and adopted : 



We, your Committee on Finance, ask leave to report, that we have 
examined the account of Thos. J. Fowler, Treasurer of the Conference 
Fund, and find that he stands charged with the following amounts : 

To cash on hand, October, 1859, as per Minutes of said Con- 
ference $93 04 

To cash received from E. W. Beale 1 50 

To cash received from S. Apple, contributions to Conference 

Fund, October, I860 ....... 112 05 

$206 59 

By cash paid W. B. Wellons, for Minutes $45 50 

Traveling expenses to Raleigh, by order of Conf. Com. 3 55 

49 05 

$167 54 

Interest on $48 99, balance of old account ........ 2 83 

Balance on hand .....$170 31 

All of which is respectfully submitted, 

Jno. Faucett, Chairman. 

The committee appointed to examine candidates entering 
the Gospel ministry, made the following report, which was 
received and adopted : 


We, your committee appointed to examine candidates for admission 
into this Conference as Licentiates, would inform" youT body, that in 
discharging the duty of -our position, we have examined the following 
brethren, viz. : W. S. Long, C. A. Apple, J. S. Lawrence, and Jno. 
Goodrich, in respect to their moral and mental qualifications to enter 
the Gospel ministry ; and would say that they possess very creditable 
and commendable qualifications for this important work, and would 
therefore recommend them as in every way worthy to receive license 
of this body. Respectfully submitted, 

A. Isbley, Chairman. 

The Committee on the Character and Standing of the 
Ministers, made the following report, which was received 
and adopted : 



That we find all of the ministers of this Conference in good and 
regular standing, except Dr. J. B. Hinton, whose recent letter to Con- 
ference does not manifest that spirit which should ever characterize 
a minister of the Gospel. Respectfully submitted, 

W. K. Martin, Chairman. 

The committee to whom was referred the printing of the 
Minutes, made the following report, which was received and 
adopted : 


We, your committee on the publication of the Minutes of the pres- 
ent session of Conference, beg leave to report, that the sum of $51 40 
has been paid into the Conference fund, (as will appear in the state- 
ment appended, ) for the purpose aforesaid, each church to receive 
copies in proportion to the amount paid. We recommend that they 
be printed at the office of the Christian Sun, and be forwarded by the 
publisher according to directions furnished. 

H. B. Hayes, Chairman. 

The following resolution, offered by R. D. Jones, was 
received and adopted : 

Resolved, That the Raleigh Church, with the whole of its 
difficulties, be referred to the Conference Committee. 

A resolution was adopted that the Chair appoint the usual 
Conference Committee. Said committee, J. N. Manning, 
S. Apple, and Wm. II. Read. 

The following resolution, offered by Prof. W. II. Doher- 
ty, was unanimously adopted : 

Resolved, That the sincere thanks of this Conference be 
tendered to the brethren and good friends around Pleasant 
Hill, for the kind and excellent treatment of the members- 
and delegates of this Conference. 

The Committee on Sabbath Schools made the following 
report, which was received and adopted : 


We, your Committee on Sabbath Schools, beg leave to report. The 
subject of Sabbath Schools, we are sorry to say, is much neglected 
by our preachers and churches generally. We do hope that there will 


be a new interest awakened again on the subject. We regard Sabbath 
Schools as the very nursery of the young mind ; and here the young 
should learn morality and the fundamentals of Christianity, to be 
built upon in the future, and by this they become conversant with the 
Scriptures, which prepares them for this life and eternity. We most 
earnestly solicit our preachers and members to exert their influence to 
organize a Sabbath School at all of our churches in the bounds of 
Conference. Respectfully submitted, 

J. W. Wellons, Chairman. 

The Committee on Memoirs made the following report, 
which was received and adopted : 

That nothing has come to their notice in the department assigned 
them. Sol. Apple, Chairman. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to meet at 7 o'clock, 
P. M. 

7 o'clock, P. M., Conference met, agreeable to adjourn- 

The report of the Committee on Itinerancy was received 
and adopted. 

Your Committee on the Itinerancy beg leave to report the following 
arrangement of the Itinerancy : 

Deep River Circuit. — D. T. Deanes, itinerant, to preach at the fol- 
lowing places : Shady Grove, $25 ; Shiloh, N. C, $40 : Christian 
Union, $30; Pleasant Ridge, $35; Brown's Chapel, $15; Park's 
H Roads, $40; Pleasant Grove, N. C, $40; New Salem. $10; Acorn 
Ridge, • $15 pledged by Delegates. Total, $250. 

Moore Circuit. — John Goodrich, itinerant, to preach at the follow- 
ing churches: Zion, $50; Shallow Well, $50; Gannon's, $50; 
Moore Union, $15; Bell's $40. Total, $205. 

Store's Circuit. — B. N. Hopkins and C. A. Apple, itinerants, to 
preach at the following places : Salem Chapel, Mount Bethel, Hines' 
Chapel, Brown's Chapel, Union Stand, Gant's Chapel, Park's Stand, 
and Pine Ridge. 

Cape Fear Circuit. — John N. Farrell, itinerant, to preach at the 
following places : Christian Chapel, $60 ; Antioch, $35 ; Pleasant 

Spring, $50 ; Wake Chapel, $75 ; Pleasant Hill, Johnston co., 

Utley's School House, Total, $220. 

Tar River Circuit. — G. G. Walker, itinerant, to preach at the fol- 
lowing places: Mount Auburn, $100; Pope's Chapel, $50; Good 
Hope, $35; Oak Level, $35; Liberty Hill, $15; Puller's, $5. Total 


Haw River Circuit. — Thomas J. Fowler to preach at the following 
places: Shallow Ford, Damascus, Hank's Chapel, and O'Kelley's- 

Caswell Circuit. — A. G Anderson to preach at the following 
places : Lebanon, Concord, Beulah, and Mount Zion. 

Bethlehem Station.— A. Isely to preach at the following places : 
Bethlehem, Apple's, and New Providence. 

Graham Station. — E. W. Beale to preach at the following places : 
New Providence and Union, Alamance Co., Pleasant Hill. 

Union Station, Halifax, Ya. — John N. Manning. 

Midway Station, Granville Co. — Wm. S. Long. 

Raleigh Station and Union, N. C. — R. G. Tinnin. 

Pleasant Grove Station. — Solomon Apple to preach at the follow- 
ing places : Pleasant Grove, Va., Lebanon, and Shiloh, Va. 

Dan River Circuit. — A. Apple to preach at the following places : 
Reese's Chapel and Liberty Grove. 

Newbern Station. — P. W. Allen. 

The above is not as perfect as your committee desired, but embraces 
all the churches and ministers brought to the notice of your commit- 
tee. We are in hopes that every church will send up her delegates to 
the next Conference, instructed to have this Conference laid off into 
district circuits, so that all of our ministers can have fields of labor. 

The Chair announced the following brethren a committee 
to correspond with the Free-will Baptist Conference, viz : D. 
T. Deanes, T. J. Fowler, and H. B. Hayes. 

On motion of John Faucett, Elder S. Apple, Secretary, 
was appointed to prepare the Minutes of Conference for the 
press. Also the statistical table to be appended. 

On motion of B. N. Hopkins, the resolution ordering the 
opening address of Elder Manning to be printed with 4he 
Minutes was re-considered ; and on motion of Prof. Doherty 
the Minutes of Conference and Elder Manning's address be 
published in separate pamphlets, and the expense of pub- 
lishing the address be paid out of the Conference fund. 

On motion by Eider Hopkins, the following churches, or- 
ganized by him during the last Conference year, viz: — 

Respectfully submitted, 

R. D. Jones, Chairman. 


On motion of J. N. Manning, it was 

Resolved, That the money collected, or may hereafter be 
collected for the benefit of the Tennessee Christian Confer- 
ence, be held subject to their order, 

On motion of A. Gr. Anderson, the Treasurer of the Con- 
ference Fund was instructed to pay the widow of Elder Jesse 
K. Cole, deceased, twenty dollars. 

On motion, by Elder Manning, the ministers and laymen 
connected with this Conference are requested to act as agents 
in procuring life members to the Home Missionary Society, 
and report to Conference. 

On motion, the thanks of Conference were tendered to the 
Central and Raleigh & Gaston Railroad companies for per- 
mitting the members of this Conference to pass over their 
routes for one fare both ways. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to meet at Hank's Chapel 
on "Wednesday before the second Sunday in October, 1861. 

Singing and prayer by Elder W. B. Wellons. 

E. F. Watson, President, 

Solomon Apple, Secretary. 


The Home Missionary Society of the North Carolina and 
Virginia Christian Conference met, pursuant to adjournment, 
at Pleasant Hill, Chatham County, N. C, October 13th, 

The Society was called to order by A. Gr. Anderson, for- 
mer President. 

On motion, A. Gr. Anderson was re-elected President for 
the ensuing year. A. Iseley, Vice President, and E F. 
Watson, Secretary. Elder J. McCulloch, Treasurer. 

On motion the following Committee was appointed to 
audit the Treasurer's accounts: Eiders B. N. Hopkins, S. 
Apple, and Gr. Gr. Walker. 

On motion, the ministers were requested to pay over the 
amounts collected from their churches the past year. 

Elder Iseley paid for Union Church $8.00. 

Elder P. W. Allen, Oak Level and Pope's Chapel 2.18. 

J. N. Manning report for self 60. 

J. N. Manning do. C. A. Apple. 60. 

J. N. Manning do. M. G. Turner 30. 

Miss J. F. Apple 30. 

P. W. Allen report for self 60. 

Total , $12.58. 

On motion, Society adjourned to meet to-night at 9 o'clock. 

Society met. The President in the chair. 

The following report was submitted by the committee to 
aid in supplying Newbern Church with preaching, and 

On motion, the following were elected an Executive Com- 
mittee for the present year : Elders T. J. Fowler, Wm. H. 
Read, John Faucett, P. R. Hardin, and E. F. Watson. 


On motion, the following were elected a Board of Direc- 
tors : Elders J. N. Manning, J. I. Hobby, H. B. Hayes, 
B. N. Hopkins, A. Apple, R. G. Tinnin, P. W. Allen, 
A. Moring, B. Strowd, R. D. Jones, P. M. Tuck. 

On motion, the Secretary was ordered to prepare a bond 
to be used by the agents of this Society. 

On motion, a collection was then taken up for member- 
ship to the Society, when the following persons enrolled their 
names, with the amount to be paid by each member : 

R. Tuck $10.00 

B. Gragson 10.00 

A. Fulton , 10.00 

Miss Sarah J. Gragson 10.00 

W. K.Martin 10.00 

Dr. S. J. Moffitt 10.00 

J. A. Long 10.00 

T. H. Lawrence 10.00 

Dr. B. A. Sellars... 10.00 

Miss J. F. Teague 10.00 

J. A. Faucett 10.00 

H. L. Freeman 10.00 

S. M. Holt 10.00 

Mathew McColIum 10.00 

J. B. Stone 10.00 

J. W. Wellons 5.00 

J. G. Garrison 10.00 

Isaiah Macon 10.00 

H. A. Albright 5.00 

W.S.Albright 5.00 

J. Q. Fish 5.00 

J. B.McLeod..... 5.00 

J. M. Gilliam 5.00 

L. L. Lambeth 5.00 

Gibeon Macon 5.00 

M. C. Winston 10.00 

AhijahMacon 5.00 

Miss P. Macon 5.00 

C. T. Macon 5.00 

J.C.Holt 5.00 

Miss S. M. Ferrell 5.00 

E. H. Straughn 5.00 

A. Martin 5.00 

B. H. Edwards 5.00 

J. T. Ball 5.00 

Miss Mary Lawrence , 5.00 

John Goodrich 5.00 

Miss Susannah E. Sellars.. 5.00 

Col. H. Marshall 10.00 

Jacob Marshall 5.00 

R.J. Hatch 5.00 

J. O.Mullins 10.00 

Elder J. N. Manning 10.00 

Samuel Way 5.00 

Ira Henshaw 10.00 

R.C. Tuck 5.00 

Charles F. Read 5.00 

Martha H. Haskins 5.00 

H.B.Hayes 5.00 

Elias Macon 5.00 

Miss Rosana Macon 5.00 


JohnBrady paid 50 cents. 

H. G. Purcell " 50 " 

James Brady... £< 25 " 

J. O. Cogwell " 25 " 

B. Gardner » 50 " 

J. R. Gunter " 50 " 

M. Murchison paid 50 

Wm. Wellons, Tinnin.... " 50 

Chas. Wellons, Winston, " 50 

Wm. Wellons, Madison.. " 50 

Henry Wellons, Macon... " 50 


On motion, resolved, that the President appoint some per- 
son to deliver an address at 11 o'clock on to-morrow, and 
take up a Missionary collection. 

On motion, an order was made to pay Elder H. B. Hayes 
for his services with the Newbern Church. 

On motion, ordered that $50.00 be placed at the disposal 
of the Executive Committee, to aid the above church the 
present Conference year. 

The Chair appointed Elder J. N. Manning ,to deliver an 
address on to-morrow. 

On motion, the minutes of this Society were ordered to be 
published with the Minutes of Conference, and that the ex- 
penses of the same be paid out of any money in the hands 
of the Treasurer. 

On motion, the Society adjourned to meet Monday morn- 
ing at 9 o'clock. 

E. F. Watson, Secretary. 

October 14, 1860. Received of E. F. Watson, Secretary of the Home 
Missionary Society, seventeen dollars and fifty -eight cents, it being 
the amount collected at Pleasant Hill. 

3. McCulloch, Treas. 

The society failed to meet on Monday, but the following 
names were subscribed as members : 

John H. Allen $10.00, Geo. Lowman $5.00, fm. Nelson $5.00 
Benjamin Way 50, D. T. Way 50, T. H. Fowler 50 

Received of E. F. Watson, Secretary of the Home Missionary So- 
ciety, one dollar and sixty-five cents. 18th October, 1860. 

J. McCulloch, Treas. 





Elder W. B. WELLONS, Editor. 

The Sun is the acknowledged organ of the Christian 
Church, South. It is published by the direction and under 
the patronage of the Southern Christian Convention. In 
addition to its denominational matter, it contains choice 
jf selections on Agriculture, Temperance and other Moral 
\ ^ subjects. It gives a sketch of the News, General and Local 


and a report of the Markets, so as to make it an acceptable 
Family Newspaper. 

As a religious paper it takes high ground, and will not 
descend to party feeling and sectarian bigotry. Open and 
independent in advocating the peculiar sentiments of the 
Christians, but liberal and charitable toward christians of 
all other denominations ; treating all God's children, of ? 
every name and order, as brethren and fellow laborers in 
the great work of saving souls. 

The 17th volume commenced on the 15th of April, 1860. 

TERMS— $1.50 per Annum, in Advance. 

All Christian Ministers, Post Masters, arid others, feeling an interest 
in the spread of liberal Christian principles, are our Agents. 

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